Will Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Religion) survive?


Will sanatana dharma survive in the coming 100 years?Because of some extrimist and violent religions and declining rate of hinduism it appears sanatana dharma would not last long.I am very afraid.Please answer my question

—K, india


Dear K,

When one looks at what is happening in this world, it’s easy to understand why one might ask this question!

We must realize, however, that “sanatana” means what it says: “Eternal.” It’s eternal because it is based, not on theology, but on the nature of reality, which is not likely to change in the coming 100 years. :-)

Although the extremists are indeed scary, they are simply the dying gasp of Kali Yuga. We are in an ascending age, so Paramhansa Yogananda proclaimed and so Swami Kriyananda has written (see also this issue of Clarity Magazine), and that sort of thinking simply cannot survive. It is making a fearsome stand, but it cannot endure for much longer. Sanatana dharma will survive all the religious “-ism’s” (including “extremism”), because while the needs of an age may change, the ultimate reality does not.

Meanwhile, the important thing for each of us is to cling to sanatana dharma, to live it ourselves, to support others who wish to live it. The more we do that, the more true spirituality will become ascendant in this world — and the more true, unshakeable happiness will be ours.

Remember, God is in charge of this world, no matter how much it may look otherwise.