Yogananda’s burial site


In contrast to his Guru, Sri Yukteswariji, who was buried at his Puri hermitage, or so I believe, from reading "Autobiography of a Yogi", Paramhansaji was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, a place which seemingly has very little spiritual significance- was this in accordance with his wishes, or decided after his passing?

—Casey, UK


We were able to ask Swami Kriyananda about this, and he said that, as far as he knew, Yoganandaji never expressed any specific wishes as to his burial site. Forest Lawn was chosen after the master’s passing, primarily because it was a well known place where people can easily visit Master’s crypt, and it was conveniently near Mount Washington. Another possible factor: government ordinances as to where a body can be interred; such ordinances certainly exist now, and might also have existed at the time of Master’s passing.