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Feeling a Headache While Looking at the Spiritual Eye



i have a friend who has recently begun to practice meditation. she is experiencing headaches when she tries to look into the spiritual eye. what would you recommend in such a case?

Nayaswami Bharat


Your friend is probably physically tensing her muscles while she is concentrating at the spiritual eye. She should "concentrate" on gazing at the spiritual eye with relaxation. I would suggest having her feel that she is looking from the medulla oblongata, through the brain, to the spiritual eye. This will keep her from tensing her muscles around the spiritual eye. She can also feel like she is looking up at a high mountain in the distance.

In time it will be easier for her to keep her eyes uplifted. So tell her not to worry unduly about keeping the eyes focused at the spiritual in the beginning. She can spend just a short time focusing there. This way she can focus more on her meditation technique and less on how her eyes are placed!

In divine friendship,