A departed loved one


I was on Del Mar Dog Beach with my dogs one October windy day at sunset. As i was walking back, towards my vehicle there was my mothers name LEONA printed perfectly in the sand. There was no one there at all except myself and my dogs. The sand was hard with a low tide. My mother had passed years before. It was a sad time in my life. I asked her and she said follow my heart,try harder in life, she would be by my side always, and my life will turn around 180*. Could it be her communicating !

—karen l davis, usa


Dear Karen,

I’ve encountered a few stories like this recently and have read the book, Ghosts Among Us (I think that’s the title).

It does seem that those who have passed on sometimes try to connect with their loved ones still on this plane of existence. It is a comforting thought and it also can be healing to know there is existence beyond us here and now, and that existence can touch us.

I’m interested, also, in the message you received, and feel that this is primary. How we act and work with others determines many times our happiness. If we love others and help them, most of our own worries and doubts will become secondary to the joy that we feel. Your mom, if the author of this message, is very wise and loving.

Feel blessed in her love. Joy to you, Seva