A Dream of Samadhi



I had a dream in which I achieved samadhi. After waking, I felt like I had tasted the best thing in the world, and now it was gone, leaving an intense longing for it behind. For one day I could remember a little bit of the feeling. Then it became a memory, and then the memory of a memory. I know about at least two other people who have dreamt with samadhi, surely there are many more. Is this something to look up to or best forgotten and shunned, since it happened in the subconscious?

—Buntur, India


Dear Buntur,

Samadhi is the essence of your own being. It is within you all the time, if you can only attune to it. So anything that will help you attune to that inner bliss can be a good thing.

See if you can leave behind thinking of samadhi as something to achieve, and tune into it as the bliss that lives in you this moment, if you can only relax consciously and deeply enough to feel it.

I suggest that it could be helpful for you, at the beginning of meditation, to try to tune in to a tiny taste of the bliss or love that you felt in that state of samadhi in your dream.

See if that memory can help you gain a greater dynamism in your meditation practice.

If you don’t currently have a regular meditation practice, please begin a daily practice, even for a few minutes a day.

Now that you have had a taste of the goal, rather than simply forgetting that great blessing, use it as a motivator to help you get even stronger in your daily practice of meditation.

In divine friendship,