The Path of Kriya Yoga Course


hi i haver read the auto bio of paramhansa yoganada and i was really impressed.i have also recently bought the path of kriya yoga which i m following seriously and the results have been quite satisfying.

Q. is there any posture which can help me sit for more than one hour?

Q also are there any exercises which can greatly increase ur will power and also make ur body big like tht tiger swami who is mentioned in yoganandas autobiography?

—karan, australia


Dear Karan,

Thank you for your questions. I’m so glad that you have found The Path of Kriya Yoga lessons helpful to you.

Part I of the course, the Ananda Course in Meditation, talks about relaxation a great deal, and explains how to do it. This is the key for whatever you will be doing with any spiritual practices. It’s a great test sometimes when you are a very active person.

Try to do any of the floor yoga postures described in the Part II of the course, the Art & Science of Raja Yoga. Especially do the Savasana pose which will give you complete relaxation.

You might want to really tune into the Energization Exercises (described in the Ananda Course in Meditation), doing them with great will and energy.

These exercises are fantastic in bringing energy and strength into your body. Swami Kriyananda would best many of the young men at Ananda in arm and leg wrestling just from doing the Energization Exercises for many years.

Drawing energy into the body with will and directing this energy to all body parts will make you stronger.

Joy to you,