Ananda in Atlanta, Georgia


Dear sir,

Can we have Ananda in Atlanta city? There is no Ananda in the South. I meet people in here whose eyes tell that they want spirituality in there life. I can assure you many souls here wait for the arrival of Ananda in Atlanta.

—Aditya, U.S.A


Dear Aditya,

Ananda is always happy to support devotees in forming meditation groups wherever there is a need. But it isn’t that Ananda as an organization determines where we have such groups; rather it comes from the natural development among sincere devotees such as you coming together with other like-minded souls and growing in magnetism.

Swami Kriyananda has often said that if someone sees a need in some area, it very well may be that person’s role to address that need  and take steps to find a solution! So, the invitation is for you to help start up an Ananda Meditation Group in Atlanta! We would be more than willing to give you the support to help you in your endeavor. Please email us, and we will fill you in on the steps.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Pranaba

Ananda Meditation Groups Coordinator