What Beautiful Woman Did I See in My Meditation?


I was once meditating, and a figure appeared before me. what I saw was a woman with red wavy hair, big eyes with a calming look, and a gorgeous gentle smile. The woman was enveloped in bright light, and gave away the sense that she is something holy. I have never met anyone who looks like her, so this wasn’t my imagination. My question is whether anyone knows her name? But it could also have been a man because I heard that angels are extremely pretty beings.

—polina, canada


Dear Polina,

When we are meditating it is not uncommon to have a figure appear before us. Sometimes we know who he or she is, sometimes we don’t.

When this sort of thing happens, pause in your meditation and pray deeply to God and Gurus for help and guidance. If there is a message or blessing for you from this event, then ask to be receptive to it or to understand its deeper meaning. Wait for the answer — it might not come immediately, but it usually does come at some point in the not too distant future.

Or it is possible that it is just your mind offering up memories of someone from this or some other lifetime.

You ask for the name of this woman. You are the only one who can find out the truest answer. Perhaps she is a symbol for your Divine Mother (the feminine aspect of God) whom you need to get in closer touch with. Or perhaps she is an angel (man or woman) simply appearing to you in to bless you. In that case, say “Thank you” and go on with your meditations!