Being Spiritual in a Depressing Work Environment


Salutations to you sirs, In a very depressing working environment , where professionalism is marred by undue political interference and blind favoritism, I do often find it miserable to dedicate my duties to GOD as a spiritual offering without discontent Please help me.

thanks,regards prayers

—jsree, india


Dear friend,

It’s helpful to look at your life from the perspective of asking, “What will bring me fulfillment?” Another way of phrasing that question is, “What will bring me closer to the presence of God?”

Paramhansa Yogananda said that “environment is stronger than willpower,” hence it is very important to look at the different parts of our lives and be aware of the influences of our environment – especially of other people and their energies.

That’s not to say we should run away from life’s challenges; the point is to respect the pull of delusion that can take us off course from our goal of finding fulfillment or being in God’s presence.

In your work situation try exploring, with dynamic focus, the attitude of being even-mined and cheerful at all times. Have the perspective that joy is your true nature and allow that to permeate every moment of the day.

If after some time of applying yourself in this way you’ve found it’s still not working for you, then consider other possible jobs where the environment is more supportive. Do as much as you can to live more in superconsciousness where solutions reside for every challenge. This is a good way to tune into God’s will.

In his book, Affirmations For Self-Healing, Swami Kriyananda offers these words of advice regarding work:

“Work should be done with a creative attitude – never for the sake of selfish gain, but for the chance it gives us to help create a better world. Those who work with the thought of pay live in the future; they lose the habit of living here and now, where alone true happiness can be found. Work should always be done as well as possible – not out of self-conceit, but in gratitude for the free gift of life, of sunshine, of water, of air – and in gratitude, simply, for our God-given power to be useful to our fellowman.”