Black Holes, Parallel Universes, and the Astral and Causal Worlds


I recently watched on Discovery about existence of parallel universe on other side of blackhole. Does astral worlds and causal worlds lie behind black hole? Even light which is the base of all creations as depicted in Autobiography of a Yogi cannot escape black hole. Why? What power lies behind it? Also there is no time in blackhole that is timelessness exist there. Does light depicts Shakti (God in motion) and blackhole represents static motionless aspect of God. Please clarify.

—k, India



You’ve asked many questions about realms of knowledge that I find fascinating.

Today, many programs like those on the Discovery Channel speculate on the idea of parallel universes created when black holes form – or as a result of many other possible causes, including other universes being created by people making choices: in one universe they made one choice, in the other another choice was made.

It is very expansive thinking – but it is definitely speculative. Physicists cannot measure anything that falls into a black hole, nor is there any way, currently, to detect the presense of alternate universes.

These speculative theories arise from known problems with current physical theory. One of these problems – at least it’s a problem for physicists – is that according to quantum theory matter exists in an uncertain state until it is observed. Once it is observed by an Intelligent Observer, it then takes form.

As you might imagine, in today’s scientific world, the idea that matter is subject to (as a scientist might put it) anyone’s random observations – even a a two-year old – doesn’t sit well. But the “observer effect” is irrefutable.

Scientists who are looking for a physical answer to the observer effect speculate that the universe ramifies into zillions of universes resulting from the billions of Intelligent Observers, well, observing.

Personally, I think these theories are wrong, and that the Ultimate Observer, God, is constantly maintaining our one physical universe. Because we, too, are part of God’s infinite consciousness, we share the ability to affect matter, and thus our ability to do so can be seen in science’s quantum experiments. But it is God’s One Consciousness that keeps us from creating chaos.

The other main reason that scientists speculate on parallel universes is that our universe appears to depend on some unseen forces – such as dark energy, or in string theory, “branes” – unseen, unmeasurable, but incredibly potent structures of energy that give rise to matter. So if “branes” can give rise to one universe, why not many others as well?

Persoanlly I think these speculations indicate that science is beginning to deduce the presence of the astral and causal realms, which, we are told by spiritual masters, give rise to and sustain the physical world.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie