Bringing the Peace of Meditation into Daily Life


hi i am a medical student just finished my MBBS n working as a intern n also studying fr my PG entrance here there s a neck deep competition about it. i hate myself fr being jealous of others who have done good previously in the exams i also want to do good in the exams i have started meditating since last week but m not consistent about it either n lots of negative feelings come into my mind becoz of all this things.i really relly want to get rid of it n want to be peaceful.waiting fr your repl

—manasi, india


Dear Manasi,

One of the secrets of succesful meditation is not to focus on the results. It’s like planting a tree from a seed. We water it daily but we don’t dig it up to see how it’s doing. And yet, “Banat, banat, ban jai!” – Doing, doing, done!

So “Make haste slowly.” Approach meditation with no expectations but the joy of communing inwardly with God in the form of Peace and Serenity. Soon you will awaken to find the negative or competitive feelings about others will begin to loosen their grip upon your heart and mind.

Like any other entrenched habit, it takes calm, quiet, determined, and steadfast effort to replace a bad habit with a good habit. Don’t worry about “time” and “time” will speed past faster than you could imagine by fretting about the results.

Lastly, ask for Divine power to aid you in letting go of negative feelings. We may be troubled by them, but God is not. Tune into God’s blissful smile in your heart, and all will be well.

Be sure, also, to congratulate others on their success, and to do so sincerely. Begin the mental habit of appreciating the success and talent of others in your thougts.

There will always be those more advanced or talented than we, and always those less so. What matters these differences? Do your best, and God will take care of the rest.

Nayaswami Hriman