Can We Awaken Lower Chakras by Only Concentrating on the Spiritual Eye?


Can we awaken all other chakras simply by concentrating on the head n spine n third eye chakra..dont we need to concentrate on the place of chakras to awaken them

—Serene kk, India


Dear Serene,

“Awakening” a chakra means getting its energy to flow inward and upward, toward the positive pole of the sixth chakra: the spiritual (third) eye. Theoretically, we could awaken all the lower chakras by establishing such a powerful inward and upward flow of energy at the spiritual eye that the lower chakras’ energies are made naturally to flow inward and upward. In reality, however, few people can muster the power to do that; most people need to work directly on awakening lower chakras as well.

One good way to begin to awaken a chakra is to work on getting its energy to flow inward and upward, while simultaneously cultivating the chakra’s positive qualities. For example, suppose that a person tends to be flit from one spiritual teaching to another without ever going deep into any of them. Such a lack of commitment is a negative quality of the lowest (muladhara) chakra, reflecting an outward movement of energy at that chakra. To begin to awaken that chakra, one could regularly and strongly visualize its energy flowing inward and upward, while also practicing commitment: Such a person could set goals and ensure their attainment, and follow through on whatever s/he tells others that s/he will do.

There are many possibilities here. To get a sense of what you might do with various chakras, I recommend this video by Nayaswami Diksha.

One more important point: Don’t focus on only one chakra. The chakras are a part of an integrated system of energy. They do not function in isolation; rather, they are closely connected with each other, and they influence each other. In consequence, the root cause of some issue in your life might stem from some chakra other than the chakra that seems “obvious.” So work even more with the entire system than with an individual chakra.

How to do this is a lengthy topic, but for starters, try to feel the energy rising and descending in the center of your body as you breathe: rising as you inhale, descending at you exhale. Visualize that energy flowing through the entire system of chakras, vitalizing each one as it passes through the chakra. With each inhalation, try also to draw the chakra’s energy upward; with each exhalation, visualize the chakra’s energy being drawn inward.

Nayaswami Gyandev