Can We Practice Kriya Yoga in the Astral World?


Hello, if a person does not achieve emancipation in this lifetime, will he/she be able to continue Kriya Yoga while in the astral world?

—Frank, USA


Good plan, Frank. Theoretically, one could practice Kriya in the astral world. After all, Kriya works primarily with energy, and the astral world is a world of energy.

But there’s a catch: If you have Kriya now, that suggests that you have been seeking spiritually for many lifetimes. As a result, the chances are that you’re going to end up in a beautiful and harmonious part of the astral world after physical death—so beautiful and harmonious, in fact, that you’re likely to feel very little incentive to improve your lot. In particular, you’re likely to feel very little incentive to practice Kriya there.

This is why highly advanced yogis who aren’t yet free are often very eager to reincarnate on earth (or somewhere comparable) rather than enjoy the beauties of the astral world for as long as their karma permits. The gross imperfections of this world give them a great incentive to strive ever-more-strongly for liberation—a greater incentive than they would ever have in the astral world.

So don’t depend on practicing Kriya in the astral world. You might, but you might not. Make the most of Kriya while you’re here, and skip right past the astral world, to God-union.

Nayaswami Gyandev