Chakras and the Eight Aspects of God


Do the 8 aspects of God correlate with the chakras? I have read that the throat chakra is associated with calmness, so I wondered if the other 7 are associated with other chakras. Thank you!

—Fox Hutt, USA


Dear Fox,

You have posed an interesting question, but no, I don’t know of anywhere in the teachings of Yogananda or Nayaswami Kriyananda this correlation is mentioned.

However, there are many other correlations, such as the 8-fold path of Patanjali and the chakras. The chakras lend themselves very well to a “unified field theory” of spiritual progress, so I can see how you would come to ask the question.

It might be fun to give it a try linking these two. I think God likes for us to have this sort of fun (smile).

And you are right that the 5th chakra’s primary quality is calmness and calmess is also one of the 8 aspects of God. Another aspect is power which fits in well with the 3rd chakra. Love would certainly go with the heart. So there you go, for a few of them… have fun!