Compilation of All Yogananda’s Teachings


Is there someway we can buy all the speeches , books , and all the teachings that sri sri paramahansa yoga nanda gave as a complete package so that we don’t miss out anything?

—Hmk, India


Dear HMK,

I too wish there was a way to access all of Yogananda’s writings and speeches in one place, but, sadly, there is no one place. However, since you are in India, you can order many books on his teachings from Ananda Sangha Publications, and we do have many videos of Paramhansa Yogananda’s direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, for free on this website.

The simple fact is this: wisdom comes not with the intellect but with intuition. Intuition flows from attunement which, in turn, goes beyond the intellect.

Yes, it’s true that the teachings of the guru are very helpful but there are some who never even speak, or, for that matter, never even write a word.

So as much as I too wish that such a library existed the deeper truth is that understanding comes through the heart: the medium of attunement.

Yes, read what you can find. Listen to the voice recordings of Yogananda that are published. But, in addition to this, mix with disciples of Yogananda, especially those whose dedication is exhibited by their service and by their vibration.

It is largely through living channels of disciples that the ray of grace brought to earth by the sat guru is transmitted. A scripture or books cannot give you guidance except what you yourself feel: and this is too easily influenced by subconscious tendencies.

Best it is to see the company and guidance of true disciples, in addition to your studies and especially by the practice of those techniques, such as kriya yoga, given to you by the guru.

If every day and before important and unimportant decisions you pray to the guru offering your life and service and devotion and asking for his guidance, you will know what you need to know in this lifetime.

The guru’s wisdom and guidance are always individual. His statements on metaphysical truths may be interesting but personal guidance and attunement are far more important.

So, while I wish too for what you see, I also know and am deeply grateful for the opportunity in my life to serve the guru’s work and to seek divine attunement with his ray of light from within myself and from my association with other disciples.

May the divine light of God and guru shine ever upon you,
Nayaswami Hriman