Contacting Loved Ones Who Have Passed On


I lost my brother this year he was only 18 and i didnt really know him that well, we only spoke every now and then, and I was just thinking how could I get in touch with him. I just wanted to see him one last time as I didnt get to before he passed.

—nat, australia


Dear Nat,

I feel for you and know that many people experience as you do. It’s difficult when someone passes and you have not been able to have a good closure with them.

How then do we deal with the thoughts that keep us connected and feeling unfinished in our relationship?

Our teachings help to bring calmness, joy, and peace of mind. They do not bring back the brother that left unexpectedly. But know that all comes from the consciousness of God and in knowing this, you can give your feelings and wishes to Him. In this way, you will also be contacting your brother. Your brother is a part of His consciousness and is undoubtedly close to you now in spirit. Talk to him, give him your love. In this way your desire to see him again may be satisfied.

Joy to you, Seva