Creating Order in Your World


I have read somewhere that Swamiji says that when someone is sitting in meditation in his subconscious mind he had doubts the door is locked or not? Also ensure first that things are in order may be like health, money, relation, family etc. and he states that this is not correct. When you meditate just forget everything and surrender to GOD. My question is: Is it not so the entire universe is operating in order say day & nights, seasons, human anatomy, etc. than why one should not ensure as above asked?

—Bhushan, India


Dear Bhushan,

Thank you for your question. I hope I understand it correctly.

There is definitely a value in trying to handle our lives appropriately – to bring energy, focus, organization, and simplicity into our outward life. We have many hours a day to work on these things.

When we meditate – whether it’s only for a few miniutes or a couple of hours a day – this is only a small fraction of our day. Having spent the other part of the day dealing with our material concerns, when we sit to meditate we should do our very best to say: “This time is to focus on God. Help me to connect with the source of inspiration, and let that inspiration guide what I do in my outward life.”

Swami Kriyananda would never counsel anyone to be irresponsible. He could never have accomplished all that he has if he were not an extremely practical person. But he always says – the most practical thing of all is to love God.

Blessings on your path,