Dealing with Guilt and Feeling Inadequate



please can you give me an advice, how to overcome the feelings of guilt and inadequacy?

I have many troubles because of these feelings.


God bless you.

I love this website.


—Susanne, Germany


Dear Susanne,

Do be careful about giving in to guilt. Guilt is making mental excuses for something you have done in the past. It’s thinking that keeping it in your mind, worrying about it, and wallowing in the memories will somehow make it better. Doing this never helps! It only increases your ego’s involvement in the world.

If you have done something wrong, simply admit it to yourself and to God and start making the necessary changes in your actions and attitudes, so that it won’t happen again.

After that, let it go – give it to God! If you don’t, then you are simply wasting lots of time and energy – time and energy which you could be putting toward making beneficial changes.

Paramhansa Yogananda often said: “Never say, ‘I have failed.’ Instead say ‘I have not yet succeeded’.” Repeat this often until you believe it. With God’s help, accept responsibility for changing yourself and then, take action!

As for feelings of inadequacy, I wrote a blog about my personal experiences with that subject. You can read it here. Many people have told me it has helped them. Hoping it will be of help to you also!

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