Death and the Afterlife


I lost my father on 28th of Sept, 2010, a month ago. When he died there was no one with him. Two things I want to know: Did he die peacefully, and can I ever talk to him, even in my dreams? I am his youngest child and he loved me most. I just want to talk to him once.

—Renu Bakshi, india


Dear Renu,

We are sorry to hear of the loss of your father. We can’t know if he died peacefully, if no one was there; but God was there and certainly that Presence, the most important one of all, helped him in whatever ways he needed helping – and is still with him, helping him now.

Your prayers for him at the time when you found out he had passed away, now, and into the future will also be of great help to him.

Visualize him smiling, at peace, and very happy in the Astral World, to which he has gone for a time, to rest and ready himself for his next incarnation.

It is natural for us to grieve for a lost loved one, but try hard not to remain too attached to him. This is selfish and will just hold him back and keep him from fully enjoying his new experiences where he is now. Send him your love and blessings – those things are enough!

Paramhansa Yogananda does speak of ways to contact those who have departed this world (including in dreams). If you would like to read about the techniques he mentions to be able to do this, it is in Chapter 4 of his book on Karma and Reincarnation.

And remember that you certainly will be with him and talk with him again when you are reunited in the future, after your own departure this world.