Difficulty Gazing at the Third Eye


I have read my religious book like Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Rama Living with the Himalayan Masters, etc.

I started Meditation, but I find it difficult to-focus on third eye,

what to think or imagine during Meditation, what mantra chant during Meditation.

One more thing I want to ask, whenever I sit in meditation I notice there is a spot in upper right side of third eye or focus point.

waiting for your reply.

—Mohit Khanna, India


Dear Mohit,

To help you gaze at the spiritual eye without strain, extend your right arm in front, thumb raised at eye level. Gaze at your thumbnail. Now keep your chin level and move only your eyes as you lift your hand so the thumbnail is even with the crown of your head.

Continue to gaze in that same direction — away from you, and slightly upward — as you close your eyes and relax your arm down.

This upturned gaze should not involve any strain. Feel that your eyes are resting in this upturned position, or that your gaze is being attracted in that direction.

In higher states of awareness, your consciousness becomes centered at the spiritual eye, which is located in the prefrontal lobes of the brain.

It’s your subtle center of concentration, will power and joy. This naturally causes your eyes to turn slightly upward. Consciously turning the gaze upward invites higher awareness.

Your eye muscles may tire at first, but it soon becomes a relaxing, natural position if you don’t turn your eyes upward too sharply.

Keep your eyes soft in the eye-sockets, and your face relaxed and smooth.

An upturned gaze is the opposite of when you fall asleep, because then your eyes roll downward.

At this time, focus on practice gazing upward above the horizon line. You might see some colors, so just accept, and continue your meditation practice.

You can learn the Ananda Meditation Technique here:


I hope this will help you.

Nayawami Diksha