Difficulty with Job Interviews


Pranam Guruji,

Kindly suggest me how to face interview in a spiritual way? Every time I find interview awkward and spoil it. I'm unable to relate effectively. It feels something blocks the way between my mind and speech. Before facing interview I do connect with God and Guruji, however I'm lost during interview. How can I make my speech more expressive, attractive and real?

Thank You



—Rosy Nakarmi, Nepal


Dear Rosy,

I’m sorry to hear of your difficulty. Though I don’t know you, I will try to give a few suggestions.

1. You mention that there is a block between your mind and speech. You don’t mention if this is something that you always face, or only during interviews. I will assume that this happens because you are nervous about the interview. When we are fearful or nervous, our energy goes to a primitive part of our brain, and we are less able to think clearly.
I think it might help you to meditate before the interview and try to bring your attention to the point between the eyebrows. This is the highest and calmest awareness in the body. Centering your attention in the point between the eyebrows might make you less nervous and might hellp you think more clearly.

2. Reflect on your past interviews. What have you been asked? I assume some questions must be fairly standard. Reflect in your mind what would be honest and interesting answers you could give to those questions. You might even say some answers aloud to practice. This would help you get into the flow of answering interview questions. Perhaps you could practice being interviewed by a friend.

3. Think of the interviewer as your friend, someone you care about, enjoy being with, and enjoy speaking with. Practice looking forward to an interview rather than dreading it. Go into an interview with enthusiasm. This will help your energy and thoughts to flow more easily.

4. Try working with one of Yogananda’s affirmations, such as: I go forth in perfect faith in the power of Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need at the time I need it.

In divine friendship,