Disturbing dreams


i have had a dream every night and its always about my dead relitives,but they are alive in my dreams,and a lot of the dreams that i have,have some sort of evil spirit or ghost in them,the only time i can get peace in my dreams is if i medicate myself and dont dream or at least dont remember them.and some dreams that i dream in some point when i am awake the person or a person says or does something that i have dreamed,please help me,some of them scare me sinceless some times,im affraid to dream

—cheryl, united states


Dear Cheryl,

Dreams can come from our subconscious or our superconscious mind, and therefore they can be very troubling or uplifting.

Your job is going to be to try and transform your consciousness, so that it is your superconscious mind that is more active when you sleep.

Start a ritual where you spend some time calling upon the Masters to be with you every night right before you sleep. Ask them to guide your thoughts and uplift your energy as you rest. Literally, do all you can you invoke Their presence.

Also, get a copy of Swami Kriyananda’s CD, Mantra of Eternity, and play it softly in the background as you sleep.

On this CD Swami Kriyananda chants the Aum sound continuously. Darkness cannot exist in the face of light, and surrounding yourself with this uplifting and expansive sound may well help you.

Having said this, I would also encourage you to speak to your primary care doctor about all of this and see what he/she may have to add. There are ceratinly enough medical and psychological issues that can cause difficult dreams that I would not want you to exclude any and all possible ways of approaching this problem.