Do I Have Spiritual Abilities?


I want to know if what I experience is a common thing, do I have a gift or is there a spirit trying to communicate with me

I would like to know if I have any abilities. The spiritual world has always interested me. I am a collector of dreamcatchers.

Here are some things I’ve experienced.

My uncle passed away in August almost three years ago from sclerosis of the liver, not long after his passing I had two dreams about him and there’s only a few dreams that I remember in my lifetime, but these...

—Samantha, South Africa


Dear Samantha,

Unfortunately your question arrived incomplete. I answer the best I can.

Yes, you do have spiritual abilities, because we all have. There is a huge spiritual potential waiting to be discovered. Trust in it. Enjoy the adventure.

You had two dreams of your father who now is in the subtler world. I guess they had a message or guidance for you. You need to figure out if they were product of the subconscious mind or superconscious mind. Was their feeling elevating, clear, above normal? In that case you can start to trust them. Crystal Clarity Publishers offers a book on dreams, by Savitri Simpson which might be interesting to you.

To access your spiritual abilities even more, try to meditate daily. Try to achieve a state of awakened silence, a silence in which you are highly awake and aware. It will make you intuitive. Intuition is a key for our spiritual perceptions.

All the best, Jayadev