Does Ananda Help to Relieve World’s Suffering?


I believe the essence of Jesus' message to be: "Inasmuch as ye have done it (or failed to do) unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." However, I don't perceive the same imperative with Ananda. I see the emphasis on meditation, exercises, and getting closer to God, but not the dedication to relieving the suffering of humanity. When do the needs of the karmically-disadvantaged masses take precedence over my need to get closer to God?



It’s important to understand that the emphasis that Ananda has is one that Paramhansa Yogananda emphasized; that we should have a balance of deepening inner communion through meditation, along with selfless service.

Ananda has never wavered from the importance of serving others and helping them to find their own highest potential.

Without the experience and clarity of having inner communion, it is more difficult to act in effective ways in the world we live. So it’s not that these two energies are divergent, rather it’s a question of what is indeed effective. Being able to be centered gives a person a greater capacity to act with compassion and effectiveness to those in need.

You seem to be saying that Ananda’s mission of helping others to find their own inner peace is not significant for humanity. In reality it probably is the most important activity that any of us can do to serve the “karmically-disadvantaged masses”.

Mother Teresa once made the comment that spiritual poverty is much more devastating than material poverty. This is coming from someone that served the “poorest of the poor”. She implied that helping those that need spiritual healing is a much needed focus. She also made the comment that what is important is to be an instrument for God and act as an instrument for God and then perform every activity, whatever it might be, always remembering that is God working through you. The activity itself, she said, was not as important as the experience of acting with God and feeling God’s presence as one acted.

Many, many people in great despair have had their lives altered in positive ways by the teachings Ananda has offered. If only more people took to heart these offerings then certainly the world would be a better place for all people.