Don’t Let Past Karma Discourage You


Im a good person and I dont do bad things. Yet why do bad things happen to me?

One thing that I really feel is lonely. Im a religious person and yet I dont understand why I feel like this.

Any suggestions?

—Raj, UK


Dear Raj,

Keep being a good person. Don’t let the world push you into thinking bad thoughts or doing bad things. Know that what is happening to you has been from past life’s experiences and you are currently fulfilling your old karmic debts. Therefore, do not let this get you down spiritually.

To have friends you need to be a good friend. You need to be a good friend to all, loving all whom you meet, so that you can burn up the karma that keeps unhappiness coming your way. Help family, friends, even those you do not like; help them and serve them with joyful loving energy. Do not expect in this a return, but know that you are doing the right thing, and you will grow spiritually from this.

Bless you, Seva