Dreaming of Saints Meaning


I have dreamed of Paramhansa Yogananadaji passing by on a white horse with white dress, and he just smiled at me and moved on what does it mean? Same day I saw Hanumanji idol in dreams floating in a pond. He came towards me with pearls and diamond? Can you please answer.

—Mohan Kumar, India


Dear Mohan, Paramhansa Yogananda teaches that we dream primarily to teach us that all of life is a dream. Otherwise, dreams are of two general types. Most of our dreams are simply subconscious wanderings of the mind. But a few dreams are of from the super-conscious mind or God. Your dream probably is of the latter category.

About dreams, Swami Kriyananda says: “If you see Master, or you are dreaming of saints and you feel great joy, then that is a blessing—hold on to that. That kind of dream uplifts us and is the kind of dream one should be grateful for. It’s wonderful to have such dreams!”

As for the other items in your dream, such as the white horse and dress, the pond, and precious stones, these may be symbols with a specific meaning for you. But only you can truly determine their meanings, because it was your dream and no one else’s. So the next time you meditate, pray deeply for their meanings to be revealed to you and wait to see if you receive an answer. Be patient—sometimes it takes a while to receive an answer—days, or even weeks/months.

In any case, I’d say that the symbols are not particularly important, but rather just a part of the whole blessing being given to you through this dream. So as Swamiji says: “. . . be grateful for it!”

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