Emotional Over-Sensitivity


In regards to over-sensitivity Master says that it stems from a lack of control over the nervous system. I tend to get oversensitive about relationships and feelings, then get into certain moods that put a cover over my inner peace and joy in God. I also then find it difficult to do things I know I need to...

Are there are any methods to overcoming over-sensitivity?

—Jabari, USA


Dear Jabari,

It is good that you understand that over-sensitivity is something that must and can be healed by you. You may have a predisposition toward it because of a sensitive nervous system, but you must make up your mind to eliminate this bad habit.

One of the best ways to strengthen your nervous system is Kriya Yoga. You can read more about this at ananda.org. With a daily practice of meditation, you can learn to strengthen your mind. Every time your mind wanders in meditation and you bring it back to concentration, you are strengthening your ability to choose how you use your mind. This new good habit will help you choose to not allow your mind to go into over-sensitive or self-pitying thoughts.

Regular practice of affirmations can also be helpful, especially just as you are falling asleep or waking up, or when you are ending your period of meditation. In Nayaswami Kriyananda’s book Affirmations for Self-Healing he has affirmations for qualities such as courage, inner peace, contentment, and love, as well as many others. I’m sure you can find affirmations there to offset the tendency to take things too personally.

Practice becoming more impersonal in relation to your own self, not worshipping your opinions or emotions. Think of God’s love flowing through you instead.

Two books of Yogananda’s writings can be very helpful for you. One is How to Be Happy All the Time, and the other is How to Have Courage, Calmness, and Confidence.

Pay attention to your environment. As much as possible surround yourself with calm, happy people. As Yogananda said, “Environment is stronger than will power.” Also, try not to overstimulate the nervous system (with such things as loud music or raucous gatherings) on a regular basis.

Dear Jabari, I wish you many blessings in your new endeavor. Offer this quality of over-sensitivity to Yogananda and ask that he help you transcend it. You can definitely change if you apply your mind to it.

Joy to you,