Experiences in meditation


Good evening. This question actually stems from an experience nearly 20 years ago when I first took up a personal meditation practice. Once while in deep meditation my visual field went totally white and as my concentration increased I felt as though I was travelling back in time. I have no other way of explaining it, really. What happened to me? I’ve also experienced spontaneous singing as well. Thank you.

—Ryan, Canada


Dear Ryan,

Inasmuch as consciousness is said to be the basis of all creation and inasmuch as consciousness knows no boundaries or limits (infinite!), it is probably best to accept these experiences in meditation just as they are without attempting to define or interpret them. The possibilities as reported by sincere meditators down through ages are indeed limitless though there are definite patterns and things experienced that are universal: for example, the appearance of the spiritual eye (a sun-like image of gold, surrounding a field of blue with the center being a five pointed star. But also many other things such as certain colors, sounds, and shapes, to name a few. Nothwithstanding certain patterns, each of us can experience unique manifestations of the Infinite Consciousness making the inner experience “ever-new!”

Time, also, is said to be unreal, for the eternal NOW encompasses like curved space the past and future! (Please don’t ask me to explain THAT!)

Be sure however not to seek these things for their own sake for as one of our gurus put it, “The spiritual path is not a circus!” Many great saints have warned seekers against mistaking the path to Infinity (to God) as the final goal. They have warned also of the powers over matter and nature that obtain from spiritual advancement toward God.

Best of all is a sincere and pure heart: “Blessed are the pure in Spirit, for they shall SEE God.” If ever anything should seem to threaten you during meditation, cease your meditation; pray to God and gurus; open your eyes; etc.

Have faith in your path; before meditation and any important action, pray for divine guidance and attunment and you will be protected and uplifted.

Blessings to you on your journey to Self-realization!

Nayaswami Hriman