Experiencing Paranormal Activity


Jai Guru ji!!

I have a friend who is going through a lot a conflict regarding some paranormal activites around her. She say something inside her says to wake up and she can feel the presence of spirits around her.

This is really draining her and she is not able to relax anymore. It all started few weeks back. She thinks she is going crazy because of this. I told her to be positive and try to meditate but she can't. I really hope you have some practical advice for her.

thank you

—jiya , india


Dear Jiya,

Your friend must start believing in the power of a guru, such as Paramhansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ, Babaji, etc. Those masters that are fully realized beings. When she just begins to feel the presence of this dark entity, she needs to call on the guru strongly, keeping her eyes concentrated on his picture, chanting his chants, surrounding herself in this way so that the entity will go away.

It happened to me and I called on Yogananda. He was there, and I never felt the entity again. It works.

Your friend should also be in good company all the time, not take drugs or alcohol or stimulants of any kind. She needs to do service to others, helping them in their needs. This is an important way to bring her consciousness into the light of God.

Bless you, Seva