Every time I meditate I experience vigorous eye movement with my eyes being pulled either to the top, bottom or to the far side of my sockets.What’s happening, and is this common?

—Mike Walker, United Kingdom


Dear Mike,

Yes eye movement during meditation is common. When your eyes or any other part of your body feels restless in meditation, it is primarily due to tension. Try squeezing your eyes tightly shut, then open them very wide, several times. Then close and relax them completely. Consciously send calming, soothing, cooling energy into your eyes. If your eyes really are relaxed they will gently drift upward toward the spiritual eye at the point between your eyebrows. But never try to force this to happen — it doesn’t work that way. It has to be through conscious relaxation.

Also strive not to let your eyes look downward. When this happens in meditation, it means you are falling into subconsciousness or sleep and is definitely to be avoided. So as you begin working with this, just keep your eyes closed, looking level and steadily in front of you. Stay very relaxed. Bring your energy and your attention upward to the spiritual eye, with each calm breath. It does take some practice, but soon it will become second nature to you.

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