Family and Astrological Considerations About a Marriage Partner


I am looking forward to get married. I have a guy in my life who I believe can be a good life partner for me. However, there are many constraints that are stopping me to go ahead with the proposal. My family is completly against the guy due to following reasons: a) They find the guy clever enough. b) My parents believe a lot in astrology. And all astrologers predictions are going totally against the match. I am not able to decide and feel what is right for me. Should I go with astrological predictions?

—Prerna, India


Dear Prerna,

I believe that in all inharmonius situations one should wait, give the situation lots of time. Continue in the relationship but wait on marriage until you are sure within yourself. This is your life, and you need to feel that whatever you do, you calmly know deep within yourself you are going in the right direction.

In a book that we publish, Spiritual Relationships, the author Paramhansa Yogananda said that marriages should have a strong basis in spirituality. If the relationship is based on physical attraction alone, eventually this will change and may not be enough of a reason to continue. People should have a relationship that is based on truth, on friendship of the highest kind, and on mutal understanding.

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Marriage is a vast subject and should be taken very seriously as it is a life-time committment, or should be. Give it time.

Blessing to you, Seva