Focus on the Spiritual Eye, Not on the Crown Chakra


Pranam and Salutation.

Can you please tell me why one must not concentrate on the crown chakra while sending healing?

I'm a student of Kriya yoga and i practise daily. May i know how i can attain deep states of bliss while meditating?

God bless you for the noble work you've undertaken.

—preety, mauritius


Paramhansa Yogananda stressed that we should not focus at the crown chakra or it will make a person “neurotic” by causing an imbalance of the electrical current in the brain.

One must go through the doorway of the spiritual eye and then up to the crown chakra, therefore we simply focus at the spiritual eye and not the crown. It will come naturally when we are fully ready for it.

This becomes much more of an issue when someone is meditating for prolonged periods at the crown chakra, and/or with great intensity. Sometimes we have had to help heal people who had severe kundalini imbalances, and it normally started after they had done an extended meditation at the crown chakra. Such cases often take many years to heal properly, so it is best to simply listen to the guru in the first place on this issue. Devotion to God and Guru is the best spiritual protection, and the best healer in such cases. This article on Psalm 23 in the Chakras explains more fully the concept of God and Guru in the heart center.

The chakras help moderate and deliver the perfect amount of cosmic energy to you in body, mind and soul, according to your current development. Our Masters understand all aspects of this holy science. So, listen to them in all things, and develop deep devotion in your heart.

Bliss will come through the steadfast practice of Kriya yoga, selfless service, and devotion. As Paramhansa Yogananda would say, “Love God!”