Gazing upward in meditation


I have read that it's important to look upward towards the third eye so to speak, Now I have a neuromuscler disease that makes it hard for me to hold my eyes upward without them shaking. Will not being able to hold my eyes upward keep me from acheiving the christ consciosness.

—Adam H. Esser, United States


Dear Adam,

The most important thing to remember is that God is on your side! Your devotion, intention, and regular practice are the most important ingredients.

Actually, as you begin to focus more and more of your mental attention at the point between the eyebrows — which the Hong-Sau technique will help you to do — that magnetism will tend to pull your eyes upward naturally, as much as is possible for you.

Gazing upward is to help draw your attention toward superconsciousness, but observing the flow of breath as part of the Hong-Sau practice will also draw your mind toward superconsciousness.

I assume that you already have read about Hong-Sau. If not, check Ananda’s Meditation Support page.

Since God wants us to find Him, we have to assume that the karmic challenges we receive are part of our process of moving toward higher consciousness and eventual freedom in Him.

In divine friendship,