Getting a Fresh Start (After Divorce)


I recently was divorced about 6 months ago but it was long overdue. I dealt with the pain and now I’m ready to date again. I joined a dating site that helps me meet people from all over the country but the only people I seem to connect with are the ones who live/lived/grew up in the area that I’m currently living in. I was also living in this area while I was married. I don’t understand this coincidence? And I’m seeking help on what deeper meaning this coincidence may have.

—Winnie, Sweden


Dear Winnie,

It is true that “like attracts like.” The area you have grown up in and lived in has molded you to a certain extent and shaped your perspectives and interests. You have some commonality with those who have grown up there. It may be as simple as that. Your karma has also attracted you to this area and to the people who are your friends there.

You are at a stage in life with your experience that could give you the opportunity to be much more conscious of your choices and their role in determining the course of your life. Try to make these choices from a place of being centered within yourself. Choose those things in all of life that will reinforce and support your highest self. It will make a great difference. If you do not already meditate, you might consider doing so. Meditation will help you to develop an awareness of the superconscious mind, and you will learn how to use it to attract the best for yourself.

Many Blessings,
Nayaswami Maria