Getting rid of anger


I have an anger problem- passive anger that is beneath the surface. I have recently gotten out of a very difficult situation that lasted for many years of my life. I am enrolled in Lessons in Mediation. I read the daily inspiration to day about anger from Swami Kriyananda, how appropo - when I just reached in the darkness to ananda website for some guidance - but what i need to know is what are the steps to take to end this inner anger - to leave me forever.i desire total inner revolution.

—Maia, USA


Dear Maia,

Thanks for your question about getting rid of anger. I think the most important thing right now is for you to view your goal in the right light. First of all, you have become aware that you have a problem — once we can finally identify a problem we are actually quite close to the solution.

The next step is not to make a big deal of this problem in your own mind. You will say: But it IS a big problem. On one level, yes it is. But it’s important to identify with a larger part of yourself that is beyond the problem — your soul. The anger problem is part of your personality. Meditation teaches you to experience deep peace and joy within yourself that is much larger and more real than your personality.

When you practice meditation and feel a taste of inner peace, identify with that, say “THIS is who I am!”

If anger pops up, don’t make a big deal of it. Don’t identify with it. Try to offer it back to God at the point between the eyebrows: This is your problem, God, you can have it back!

i looked up today’s reading on anger. The readings for Saturday and Sunday are also on anger. Check those also.

In another book, Swamiji says about anger: “The secret of overcoming anger is relinquishing personal desire, by relating your emotions to a broader arc of feeling, such as love for a friend; or joy in inner freedom from external circumstances; or respect for the right of others to make their own decisions and their own mistakes.”

In other words, when we get angry about something, we become small, totally focused on that one thing that is happened. Instead, shift your attentioin to a larger arena, such as those he describes above. This can be very helpful.

You have finally realized a problem that has possibly been with you for many lifetimes. It is marvelous that you’ve finally realized it. Now, don’t become angry with yourself if you can’t heal it in a day. That would be ironic, wouldn’t it?

Step back from making a big deal of it, meditate, offer it into God’s light and love, knowing that now that He has revealed the problem to you, He is ready to remove it completely from your life. You will see it go away, not necessarily in a blinding flash of light, but similar to washing away water color paint from paper. The intense color becomes a little lighter with each washing of a paintbrush full of water.

Blessings and joy to you,