Does God Answer Our Prayers?


I am very confused. My question is: Does God Exist? I am 32 years old and still I am not settled yet. Daily morning I pray to God: “Please forgive me. Please god help me. Please God show me the way.” Were have I to go?

—harjit bali, India


Dear Friend,

At 32, you are ready to be settled and it is an age where it is right to wish for this. It is good and it is right.

Think about this: if a person is desperate to have a job or to find a marriage partner, his “desperate-ness” will show itself in nervousness, anxiety, and in making poor decisions, grabbing at the first opportunity instead of being patient for the right opportunity. To be desperate is to PUSH AWAY the very thing one wants the most.

Therefore, have calmness, contentment, even-mindedness, and cheerfulness: these are the best remedies for attracting success and fulfillment.

God answers all prayers, but restless prayers he answer only a little bit. Meditate first and make contact with God in the form of inner peace and contentment. Then, when you are near the end of meditation, hold up for prayer and guidance your goal of being settled. Feel how achieving your goal can help you and others spiritually by becoming a responsible, hard-working, generous and kind person in your family, your neighborhood, and your community. Ask God: “How can I serve you best? How can I love you more perfectly?”

Then, let the prayer go and go about your daily duties with joy, energy, and willingness to do the right thing and have a good attitude under all conditions.

Try this and be patient about this. We cannot see the karma from past lives that weaves itself into the present life. We must see our lives with the eyes of God and of eternity!

Nayaswami Hriman