I am confused. There are so many people running around saying they are channeling Saint Germaine but who is telling the truth? I have a regular job but I volunteer with children’s organization

St.Germaine and Afra are supposed to be guilding the servants of children But I do not know who is for real spiritually channeling Saint Germaine? Do you?

—Josephine, United Statesl


Thank you for your question. It is quite common these days to hear about people channeling Saint Germaine. It may be true that St Germaine watches over “the servants of the children.” This goes along with the concept of patron saints, and you can pray directly to them for guidance.

But I am leery of trusting someone who is claiming to channel that information. Anything is possible, of course., but I don’t know how a person could prove that they are channeling one saint or another. That being said, I assume that most of the people channeling Saint Germaine are trying to do good. I would just prefer to go about it differently, whether I was the one either giving or seeking the guidance. It is good for the healer or the “channel” to be humble in the process of helping others. Advertising that one channels Saint Germaine just strikes me the wrong way, as though the Saint is working at the bidding for the channeler.

I don’t mean to offend anyone in this assessment. And I assume that many people are trying to do good. The error, as I see it, is for people to put undue faith into these readings, and to even take actions based up one the guidance received. It is better in the long run to develop one’s own relationship with God. In the meantime, you can ask for prayers and guidance from a spiritual counselor whom you trust.

Paramhansa Yogananda told his disciples that after his death he would not be sending messages through mediums. He told them this to protect them from people making false claims. Instead, he counseled the devotees to meditate, and pray for guidance when they needed it. I imagine that this was not only his personal preference; it likely embodies a spiritual principle that would be embraced by most or even all saints. That is just my guess. For those who claim to channel Saint Germaine, I would say that at least they are trying to do good. But by claiming the name of Saint Germaine they add extra clout to their channeling mystique and practice, and their messages.

Please review the article below for steps from his teachings.

8 Steps to Higher Guidance

The steps above will allow you to be guided inwardly by God, Christ and the Masters of this path, or by Saint Germaine or by any of the saints. If you follow the steps you will begin to develop your own spiritual inner life and willpower. This is a much safer way to seek guidance than to put your faith into a channeling session. Make your contact with God directly.

I hope this information helps you to find the guidance that you are seeking in your life. Please know that you can request healing prayers to help guide you in the important issues in your life.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry