I Heard an Inner Voice and Am Scared


What has just happened to me? It was 1:22AM, and I was working with my tablet. I wanted to go downstairs to get a drink of water, but when I was about to open my bedroom door I heard a voice in my head saying “No, don’t go down.” Then I could not open the door, the handle was jammed. I think that the voice that said, “No, don’t go down” was my guardian angels. I can’t define their voices yet, but I know it happened. Please, I need this question answered ASAP, as it just happened to me like 16 mins ago, and I’m a bit scared.

—Lewis, Uk


Dear Lewis,

It is difficult to know what happened to you. Such inner voices can be true, but they can also easily be imagination, or a sign of psychological imbalance, or (rarely) some strange entity (not an angel).

Ask yourself, if it was my guardian angel, why should he protect me from going down to get a drink of water? Was there some real danger? If not, maybe it was not a guardian angel who came to protect you, but one of the other possibilities.

I have known some persons who heard inner voices. They were not always true angelic voices, but were saying what to do. And results were not always good.

For now, just wait. See if such a voice comes back. If yes, be very watchful. What is its energy? Does it really feel like an angel? Don’t necessarily believe in what the voice is saying. If it feels like an angel, go with it. If not, firmly send that voice away: “Get out of here!”

At any rate, don’t be scared. There are many phenomenon in this world, many realities which our society knows little about. The more you are with God through prayer and meditation, the less can happen to you.

All the best,