Hearing the Inner Sounds


What is the meaning/significance of hearing crickets in the right ear? (This does not only happen in meditation, but sometimes after I pray; read spiritual literature; etc.) It is only in the right ear. I have read about this before but cannot find this information at the moment. Blessings

—Janice Freebern, USA


Dear Janice,

The sound of crickets heard within the right ear is one of the sounds of the chakras in the astral spine. This particular sound corresponds to the swadisthana chakra, which is the second chakra, located in the sacral area. When heard more perfectly the sound of this chakra is more like a flute being played.

When you hear one of the inner sounds of the chakras, try to offer yourself ever-more completely into that experience, allowing yourself to merge into that sound.

Blessings on your spiritual journey,
Nayaswami Pranaba