Why Am I Always Too Hot?


Why are my surroundings going so hot and warm? suddenly i’m feeling very hot and warm no matter how cold the temperature of room is! Now some time ago at night when i was sleeping the bed on which i was sleeping turned super hot magically i instantly woke and placed my hand on the bed to my surprise it was super hot? What’s is this happening to me please provide guidance!

—Buddha, India


Dear friend, Buddha:

Heat in the body can have many causes but let me simply address your question on the basis it was asked by you: are there karmic or psychic causes for otherwise unaccountable sensations of heat in and around the physical body?

Yes of course there can be. Have you ever had the sensation of heat in the body if you suddenly remember something critical a person said to or about you (or that you imagined)? The body will “flush” heat when a thought or memory or a present moment embarrassing incident takes place. So you see from this typical experience there is a relationship between our thoughts, emotions and reactions AND heat in the body.

Many of us who are disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda wear the one-size-fits-all astrological bangle made of gold, silver and copper. There are times, many of us have experienced, where the bangle becomes unaccountably hot. We interpret this as the bangle doing its “job” of warding off psychic attacks or bad karma of one sort or another.

I would say in my limited experience that rarely does a person actually KNOW the specific causes of such heat-related experiences. Ignoring biological causes, one might simply say that on a subtle (astral-karmic) level a “war” of sorts is taking place. Since you will probably never know the details this is a reason to sit up and pray; chant a sacred mantra; or practice cooling pranayams (sitkara or sitali pranayam, e.g.). In all cases, invoke the divine presence of God in the form of your guru or Ishta Devata (your deity).

Beyond that, there’s little else to do (provided, of course, there isn’t a biological or health issue)! I would say, however, that if such things continue you should certainly have a medical examination as well.

Blessings and may the cooling breezes of divine grace bring to you joy and upliftment!

Nayaswami Hriman