Should I Help My Colleague in the Corporate World?


Should Krishna’s teaching in the Gita be followed in the corporate world, where people are constantly trying to show their visibility and highlighting other’s faults in order to achieve rewards and job security? When I was new to the company for which I work, I received no help, in fact my mistakes were highlighted by a senior member and then I was compared constantly with other members. One of the new joiner in the company who is at the same designation as myself, was liked by the management and received unconditional help, unlike me. I myself subconsciously developed a feeling of not helping him, as had happened with me. Should I help someone even if he does not asks for help but I know he needs guidance? Should I help, knowing that I lack skills to show my work, but I work harder than him and never get rewarded? In fact my job was at stake because I could not make my work visible.

—Tanu, India


Dear Tanu,

I much apologise for answering so late, very sorry for the delay.

By now you must have a feeling for the newcomer. Is he a friend, or someone who at the first opportunity might chop off your head? If he is a friend, yes, help him, while trying to improve your own ability to show your work. But if he is not, the Gita is certainly not advising to give strength to those who will harm you.

Love is always the correct answer, inwardly. Blessing the person inwardly is always correct. But outwardly, you might have to defend yourself from a wolf (if such a one he is). The corporate world at times seems like a jungle.

In general: make your aura shine. Practice exercises which make your prana flow, like Yogananda’s energisation exercises. The stronger your prana, the stronger your aura will be. The stronger your aura, the stronger your presence will be. Walk straight, sit straight, consciously project light into your environment. Don’t hide. Be confident about your worth, and your work’s worth. Increase your magnetism. The secret of magnetism is threefold: physical (through correct exercise and diet); mental (positive and magnetic thoughts); and spiritual (connecting to God, inwardly inwardly feeling close to a Master). Start your day energetically and end it energetically.

I am sure with added magnetism on your side your bosses will take notice. This is not ego (in case this is your fear). The soul is naturally full of light and strength. It’s actually the ego which is weak and which obscures the light. The trick is to shine like a light bulb, while remaining completely humble, knowing that the power to shine never comes from you, but from God.

All the blessings to you,