How Can I Focus on What Is Important?


I daydream a lot. Consequently, I'm not able to focus upon anything for too long. How can I give up daydreaming so much? I also play violent video-games a lot to pass time. I hv tried to meditate off and on and would like to meditate more, but I find it difficult. My studies are suffering as a result of discouragement. Please help.

—Chandan.K, India


Dear Chandan,

When we daydream, it is because our energy levels drop and we move into a more subconscious, low-energy state. From what you have said, it is very probable that there is a direct cause/effect relationship between the playing of violent video games and your day dreaming.

This is because, when we are bombarded with too much sensory input, then we feel the need to rest our senses and our conscious minds from all that over-simulation – thus the daydreaming occurs.

My first advice would be to stop all video games immediately, especially the violent ones! You say you do this to “pass the time.” There are so many better ways to use your valuable time – I’m sure you know this.

One thing which causes us to form a harmful habit like this is the type of people with whom we choose to spend our time. Watch that carefully, for it will influence you very much. Try to be around people who are spiritually inclined as much as possible.

Meditation is not difficult, but like anything else worthwhile, it takes some good instructions and practice.

Again, being around others who meditate and meditating with them in group meditations whenever you can – this should help very much.

If you don’t know people like this, pray to be guided to them and also seek them out. God will help you with your search.

Do you have a good meditation technique to do or a specific spiritual path that you follow? This would help greatly also.

When you find yourself daydreaming again, stand up and do some deep breathing; then walk in place and say out loud (or mentally) “I am awake and ready! …several times.

Or tense and relax each part of your body from the feet up (left foot, right foot, and so on up to your head).

It would be good for you to learn Yogananda’s Energization Exercises and through doing them daily, bring your energy level up out of subconsciousness, into consciousness and eventually into superconsciousness.

All these suggestions will help your energy level, your school studies, and your ability to meditate regularly and enjoy it.