How Can I Prepare for My Approaching Death?


I am very sick from diabetes, constant muscle pain: elderly man, who tries to be compassionate and meditates constantly. I am approaching death in the next year or so.

1. How can I "unstick" myself from how I am stuck?

2. How can I heal myself, so the "health issues" are not such an obstacle to meditation?

3. How can I leave life consciously, when that time comes? (How can I prepare for that transition?)

Questions? please ask.

Thank you, for your attention and help.

—Andreas, USA


Dear Andreas,

I was touched by your sincerity as a devotee. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need clarification on what I have written.

1. When you say you want to get unstuck, I think you are saying there are things about yourself that you want to change or let go of. There is a wonderful guided meditation on Releasing Negativity with Nayaswami Anandi, which is very effective in releasing old hurts, resentments and other negative emotions that are keeping us stuck. It is a very powerful technique and you can find the video at:

2. I understand, it can be difficult to meditate deeply when your body is screaming at you for attention. When this happens remind yourself of your true identity: you are not your body, you are the ever-existent, bliss-filled soul. When you are distracted from your meditation by pain, try diving into the center of that pain and concentrate deeply on it. It is rather like facing your fears. Often when we are willing to look our fears right in the face they disappear or dissolve, losing all power over us. Ananda has a wonderful Healing Prayer Ministry. You can request healing prayers if you wish at:

Swami Kriyananda suggested listening to the ancient Gayatri and Mahamrityunjaya healing mantras while actively dying. You can find both chants on the Mantra CD:

3. The way to prepare to die consciously is to live consciously. I think you will find the following prayer, when practiced, will help you to successfully complete this lifetime. I suggest reading this prayer daily and acting on it. It is a wonderful tool for releasing any attachments to this world in preparation for entering the next with joy

Conscious Living Prayer

May I have the courage and wisdom to face the past.

May I offer every regret into God’s Love and Infinite Consciousness.

May I accept past errors as simple facts, trying to see that it was God, through my imperfect understanding, who did it all.

May I relinquish all attachments.

May I release the grip of ego-consciousness.

May I release one by one, every desire and attachment into the Supreme Bliss.

May I forgive past hurts and betrayals.

May I give universal love to everyone, even to so-called enemies.

May I see that everyone is motivated, however misguidedly, by the same soul-craving for Satchidananda (Ever Existing, Ever Conscious, Ever New Bliss).

May I concentrate on Infinity.

May I practice devotion.

May I learn to overcome fear, by realizing that I am not this body or personality, but a unique aspect of the Divine, finding my way home.

Aum, Peace, Amen.

Yogic teachings emphasize the importance of right attitude at the time of passing. Let go of any negative thoughts about yourself and your life, now. We each do the best we can with the karma we are given to work on this lifetime. As Yogananda said, “An easy life is not a victorious one!”

Bless you Andreas as you move ever closer to your home in God! May you feel God’s presence every step of the way.

In God’s love,