How to Develop Deeper Attunement


How do I develop deeper attunement?

—maria, ananda


Dear Maria,

Deeper attunement is one of the most important aspects of the spiritual path and is also a subtle and personal development. If you’ve chosen Paramhansa Yogananda as you’re guru try to feel his constant presence with you; you can do this by visualizing, or even feeling, him in your own thoughts and in your words and actions.

You can also try chanting, either out loud or silently, “Aum Guru” throughout the day. Allow yourself to offer all your successes and failures to God and Guru and open up to their flow of divine grace. When you meditate, explore having Yogananda meditate through you or with you. Visualizing the Master’s eyes can also be a powerful means to deepen your attunement; feel ih his eyes the unconditional love and compassion that invites you to dissolve all ego desires and attachments.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Pranaba