How to start the habit of meditation


Jai Guru ! About 10 years ago I had subscribed to YSS Fellowship Lessons. I completed reading all the lessons, but I haven't been able to habituate myself to at least half an hour of daily meditation. Please help.

—Juhi Adesara, India


Dear Juhi,

Here’s an idea: Instead of thinking of 30 minutes a day of meditation, try beginning with five minutes a day of meditation. For some people 30 minutes is too large of a hurdle in the beginning.

If you start with five minutes, which is an easy thing to commit to, then you could do that until it becomes a habit. Grow accustomed to practicing it every morning or evening – just five minutes.

Then, as the practice becomes regular, you may notice that you’re enjoying it and will want to sit for 10 or 15 minutes. Increase the length of your practice as you enjoy it more. You will probably discover, if you start in this way, that it will not be difficult to arrive at practicing 30 minutes a day.

The soul loves to meditate. If you give it just a taste every day, it is natural to enjoy it more and more. This way, meditation will not feel like a chore, but will be a source of great enjoyment.

Joy to you,