I Think I Mistakenly Used Black Magic


Lately I’ve been experiencing a lot of scary synchronicity. I think I mistakenly used black magic because I put a love spell on someone, but I had no intention of even using magic or doing any harm. Is it wrong to use herbs and things to try and reverse the spell, reverse my magical potency, exorcism, etc? I feel like I’ve sold my soul to Satan and he wants me to use black magic and be faithful in heartless manipulation. I’m scared, I have nightmares. What should I do and not do? Thank you.

—Mike, USA


Dear Mike,

It is is very important for you to move quickly away from any connection with black magic. There is power in the forces of evil, and it should be avoided at all costs.

You may have not had harmful intentions, but still you put yourself into a stream of energy, which can cause real turmoil and trouble for yourself or any others involved.

It is healthy and OK for you to be a little bit scared, but deep fear can make things worse. So don’t be afraid, but do take action!

Right now is the time to renounce all connection to the dark forces and begin to do things, which will help you come back into the light of God’s presence within and all around you.

There are many things you can do, but begin with prayer. In the language of your own heart, humbly ask God for help and guidance in this matter. If you have a Guru, call on him or her inwardly to help you do this.

Visualize surrounded yourself with a protective aura of white or golden light. Affirm (either out loud or inwardly — many times for many days). “I am a child of God! I live protected in the fortress of Divine Light. As long as I remain there, nothing and no one can break through and harm me!”

Have absolutely no association, physically, verbally, or mentally, in any way, with anyone who practices black magic. Instead, be around good, spiritually inclined people — people of the Light!

It may take a little time to “mend the holes” you have created your energy field, but with God’s help and protection, you’ll be fine.

Never give in to fear. Your experiences can and will pass away, if you do the right things now. Just learn a good lesson and never do it again!