If We Give Love, Will We Receive Love In Return?


I read a question in Ask Ananda that "..there's always an equal and opposite...if we keep increasing the energy of love and peace then would this also lead to greater hate and evil in the world? How would you answer this?"

I could not understand the meaning of the answer given. But what I know is, let me share, - equal and opposite means, with equal quality in opposite direction. Means, if we give LOVE we receive love BACK. Is this true?

—Raju, India


Dear Friend,

Yes, your comment is most appropriate: as we give love, it is love we receive.

Now, it’s also true that good and evil ebb and flow and keep this creation and beings in it in constant flux.

The issue is to whom the karma (action) accrues. Love and hate may alternate but from whom love emanates, love returns and love grows. To those whom hate, hate returns.

So there’s a macrocosm point of view and an individual point of view. The ebb and flow of good and evil in this world is not our individual responsibility or concern. Our concern is to live more and more by higher consciousness (by love, peace, by divine attunement).

But there’s another aspect as it relates to ourselves which is pertinent: so long as we feel we are the Doer when we love or give peace (even in return for hate), even the good karma is still tied to the ego. Until we dissolve the knot of ego we are still in the ebb and flow of karma.

Now, good karma is better than bad karma and good karma is vibrationally closer to God than bad karma, but at some point, we must consciously seek ego transcendence (or put another way: union with God), or else we, too, are kept in the ebb and flow of good and bad karma.

The saints say: love God, for God is above the law of karma. It’s a big subject and complex until we simplify it with the natural love of our hearts. Love because love is more soul satisfying; it is more our true Self. Love for no other reason than Love itself.

Nayaswami Hriman