I’m Seeing Lights and Images in Meditation, What Do They Mean?


When I mediate I see light and images of sages and pretty female faces. What does it mean?

—Lalitha, India


Dear Lalitha,

People often see lights or images while meditating. The best thing to do when something like this happens is immediately to pray to God and/or your Guru(s) to reveal to you either the meaning of what you are experiencing or to let you know if there is some message for you or something you should do about it. If it is important, it will be revealed to you through your intuition, not necessarily at that exact moment, but soon enough.

Seeing lights of any kind, but most especially the light of the spiritual eye, would be a very good thing to happen. It is a great blessing! The same would be true for images of saints, sages, or masters. Seeing pretty female faces (do you know who they are?) might be a personal blessing from Divine Mother, or simply the miscellaneous wanderings of your own mind.

Please remember that our meditations are best tested by how we are changing for the better in daily life, and the increasing joy and calmness we feel, not by any phenomena we see or experience (or lack of it) while meditating.