Intuition: Is It a Warning or a Cause?


Dear Minister,

My question is: several times we might have an intuition of an event before it happens. So I would like to know if the intuition is a warning that comes to us before the happening, or is our intuition the cause of the event to take place?

In either situation, is there a way we may control the happening? Specially if it is an untoward thought.


—Nandini, India


Dear Nandini,

It depends on the type of your “intuition”, of that feeling: if it is a calm feeling in which you are emotionally uninvolved, then it might well be a true intuition, a premonition; and if it is an undesired event, you might call it a “warning”.

If however there is fear involved in your feeling, “I fear this will happen”, then this kind of repeated fear builds a magnetism which actually draws to you the feared situation: your own mind then is the “cause” of the event.

Is there a way we may control that event, to prevent it from happening?

In the first case, if your feeling is a true intuition, no, you can’t do anything to avoid it. You are having a glimpse of the future.

In the second case, if emotion (fear) is involved, yes, you can avoid it by overcoming that fear.

At any rate, here is how Yogananda taught to consciously develop true intuition (from The Essence of Self-Realization):

“A disciple asked, ‘How can intuition be developed?’ Yogananda: ‘The best way is, every time you meditate, to sit calmly for a long time after doing the techniques. It is during this period that you will be able to deepen your awareness of God’s presence within you. Go ever deeper in your enjoyment of that presence. The longer and more deeply you enjoy the peace within, the more quickly will your intuition develop.'”

God bless you, jayadev