Is It Okay for a Catholic to Practice Meditation and Yoga?


What are your thoughts on practicing two religions? I was baptized Catholic. I went to a Catholic grade school and a Catholic high school. I started practicing yoga 5 years ago and that is when I truly started taking a more spiritual path. I just recently started going back to the Catholic church but still meditate, practice yoga and read from the Ananda Online Community daily. I am looking into getting my 16 month old son baptized Catholic.

—Christina, United States


Dear Christina,

First of all, yoga and meditation are not religions. They are spiritual practices which anyone, in any religion, may add to whatever they are already doing, in order to enhance his or her faith.

So this is definitely not an either/or situation for you. You can do both to good effect, and each will help the other in many ways.

Just a couple of suggestions. It’s probably best not to mention what you are doing to your priest or other Catholic friends and family. They might discourage you or even tell you that you should not be practicing yoga or meditation at all.

Just hold on to what you are doing in your heart, keeping it between you and God. If anyone asks you, then say a few words, but try not to get into it too much with people who would not understand or support what you are doing.

It is fine for you to have your son consecrated to God through baptism in your church. At Ananda we also have Baptism Ceremonies for our children, and it is always very inspiring.

Remember that God watches our hearts and our intentions, and is not particularly concerned with which religion or spiritual practices we choose to take part in – except to the extent that they bring us closer to the Divine Spirit, which is always within and all around us. Whatever helps us to God-realization quickly is a good thing!